Frabjous; is a word coined by the great Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass, referring to a sense of delight by combining the two words fair and joyous. 


I feel frabjous truly encapsulates week one at Indigo Healthcare Recruitment. From the get-go, I was welcomed with open arms! From Matt, Shyni, and mine’s names on the light board to a Percy Pig succulent welcome gift – I knew within the first few minutes that this is going to be a truly wonderful place to work. Before joining Indigo, I was working at another Recruitment Consultancy down South focusing on their commercial desk, working on roles predominantly around HR and secretarial work so the idea of entering the world of Doctors did somewhat daunt me. From my experience, I knew key competencies were there and I would be able to build on my prior recruitment knowledge, but I felt resourcing and recruiting some of the highest caliber Doctors across the world would be a different ball game. However, my mind was quickly put at ease, and I felt reassured once Stella, Vicki, and I began taking me through the induction process and discussing my role and how I can contribute to the business.

The onboarding process has been extremely insightful, and I hand on heart can say that I have been given all the tools needed to succeed. From Recruitment Juice teaching me best practices to my Orbit-Plan highlighting a clear understanding of targets and what I should work towards in my role; I feel the future is very bright for both me and Indigo Healthcare. Stella has been incredibly supportive throughout the first week, with various projects to hit the ground running and intermittent one-to-ones to check on progress, as well as, how I am feeling not just within the role but outside of work too. Furthermore, my colleagues Sally and Olena have been great to bounce ideas off of and have been a great helping hand Matt, Shyni, and I. All in all, week 1 has been brilliant, I can’t wait for more!