Why we believe we're different

Indigo Healthcare Recruitment has been inspired by a group of likeminded people who identified that there were (and remain) real opportunities to improve standards of quality and performance of service provision in the health and social care sectors.
Indigo is a collaboration of a proven, highly regarded and long serving leader in the health and social care recruitment sector, the head of a multi-award winning talent management and learning and development organisation and former RAF officer charged with the professional development of a new generation of medics for H.M. Forces.
Our leadership team, although diverse in its nature, have an overarching shared mission – and that is to collaborate with leaders, owners and other stakeholders from the sector to influence and drive positive and meaningful change.

Our key services include:-

  • Specialist off the market recruitment and selection
  • Retained recruitment services
  • Fast response contingency recruitment
  • In-house strategic partner
  • Recruitment and employee engagement strategy


We value values…

Shared values, standards, expectations on behaviours and guiding principles are the glue that binds people and organisations together.
Being able to ‘do a job’ is not good enough. Being able to a job with care, authenticity, commitment, passion and instinct to do our very best is what distinguishes the ordinary from the exceptional.

  • Set and keep the bar high
  • Our clients challenges and problems – are our action plans
  • We all have a stake in improving what we do
  • We all exist to provide the best experience to those accessing our clients services
  • The first rule of ownership is ‘I am personally responsible for how things are’ 


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