Passionate about Healthcare - Passionate about You!


Indigo Healthcare is inspired by shared values, a commitment to quality and service and a passion for people.

Our team comprises:
  • Proven, highly regarded and specialist healthcare recruiters - with over 50 years of combined experience
  • The head of a multi-award winning talent management and learning and development organisation
  • Chaired by a former RAF officer – frontline in the development of a new generation of H.M. Forces medics 

Our Leadership Team, diverse in its nature, share an overarching mission;

'To foster partnerships with the healthcare community to help influence and drive positive and meaningful change for all.’


Indigo is a recognised industry innovator that invests heavily into meaningful candidate engagement, nurturing our professional networks and developing a reliable talent and skills pipeline.

We have an agile strategy that works to develop real advantage in a fast-moving marketplace - whilst assessing existing and emerging risks and challenges so that we are able to adapt proactively; and in doing so, upholding security of supply and candidate quality.


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