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It is well documented and reported that the UK faces a skills crisis and under supply of quality, trained and experienced healthcare professionals.
We offer free and confidential career enabling service for qualifying candidates – whether those entering the profession for the first time,  to established professionals looking for the next step up or rising stars focussed on significant steps changes in their careers.

Design of personalised career and professional development plans
Stakeholder networking events
Career coaching and mentorship
Peer to peer support
Professional development planning

Career Tools

Once upon a time – this is where we’d typically post advice, wisdom and insight for those keen to develop their careers, perform better and interview and ensure that they got a piece of the action when it came to the best opportunities in the market.

The world has moved on in a big way.  Technology, sharing, peer to peer support and advice has given us all access to amazing free tools and resources.

We have handpicked the following bloggers, sites, links and other savvy career tips to help you get your hands on what you need to know – when you need it.

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