With TV and phone screens filled with negativity and uncertainty here are 10 good-news stories from around the world to make you smile, this International Day of Happiness!
  1. Dolphins arrive in Venice
One happy biproduct of a city in standstill - with no boat traffic to muddy them Venice’s famous canals are running clear, with a whole host of wildlife now enjoying the unpolluted waters including fish, swans and even dolphins!
  1. Love defies distance
Due to Coronovirus precautions Connecticut, USA resident Bob Shellard was unable to visit his wife Nancy, who is currently residing in a care home, on their anniversary. Undeterred by physical distance Bob held up a sign and balloons at her window, the sign reading “I’ve loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary.”
  1. Elephants keep the party going
Whilst most of us are steering clear of pubs and bars, the party was well and truly on for a herd of elephants in Yunnan, China who wandered into a village in search of food, instead coming across and reportedly polishing off 30kg of corn whiskey! Pictures even show two of the herd lying down having a little alcohol fuelled nap – we’ve all been there.
  1. Penguins rule the roost
With the Chigago aquarium closed to visitors it’s penguins have been enjoying their free time to the full – roaming free and being given a guided tour of the exhibits by the aquarium staff.
  1. Arnie stays in with petite pals
In one of the most delightful and random clips from the past week everybody’s favourite body builder-turned-actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger encouraged his followers to hunker down and stay at home – all whilst cuddling and feeding carrots to his miniature horse Whiskey and donkey Lulu.
  1. Centenarian beats Corona
A 103 year old Chinese grandmother has become the oldest person to beat Coronavirus! Situated at the centre of the pandemic in Wuhan, Zhang Guangfen received 6 days of hospital treatment and is now fully recovered and back a home.
  1. Communities come together
Whilst some news sites would have you believe communities are turning on one-another in panic-buying madness, Facebook have reported an overwhelming number of people pulling together amidst the crisis. More than 200,000 people in the UK are now members of more than 300 local support groups set up for the just for the virus, with many reaching out to help their vulnerable neighbours with food shopping and other necessities.
  1. Big brands fuel the NHS
With our doctors, nurses and healthcare support staff on the frontline of the COVID outbreak numerous national chains, as well as 100s of smaller local businesses, have offered huge food and drink discounts for NHS staff – including free drinks at Pret and McDonalds and 20% off at Subway.
  1. World enjoys home-bound hijinks
Turns out you can have fun in quarantine, as demonstrated by social media users from around the world who have been sharing their increasingly creative ways to keep themselves entertained whilst on lockdown, including toilet roll keepy-uppies, between-balcony tennis and sock pac-man.
  1. Green spaces stay open
In light of the increasing restrictions on indoor public spaces The National Trust have pledged to keep as many of its parks and gardens open to the public for free, giving the nation a chance to take a break from being indoors, and relax and refresh whilst safely following social distancing guidance.