What does one do when faced with lots of poorly hedgehogs in need of some love and care?

At Indigo Healthcare we individually adopt one and supply food and a roof over their heads – obviously!

It’s a little known, but sad fact that one in three of all British hedgehogs have been lost since the year 2000, and they continue to decline at an alarming rate.

Today we have been to visit the lovely Sue at Chorley Hedgehog ResQ. From the moment we heard about the amazing work the team do to nurse our beloved native hedgehogs back to health, we couldn’t help but want to support them! We have:
  1. Made social media filters for team profile pictures
  2. Donated essential resources and equipment – food, treats & other hedgehog essentials
  3. Provided a roof over their heads, in the form of an Indigo hedgehog house
  4. Adopted a hedgehog each – taking the names of the Indigo team

Thankfully, with the help of people like the team at Chorley Hedgehog ResQ - this precious and iconic aspect of British Wildlife is being protected and conserved. Find out more about what they do:
Twitter: @snjs_wildlife | Facebook: @snjswildliferescue 
Read all about it: