A truly fantastic day at the annual Martin House Dragon Boat Race.

#Cubedtalent and #Indigohealthcarerecruitment competed as Harry and Grace’s Ark Full of Animals - in memory of Harry and Grace who were cared for by Martin House as they battled against a life limiting condition for most of their young lives.

The toasty animal onesies seemed such a good idea six months ago. On one of the hottest days of the year however, 🥵 they doubled up as our very own personal nylon saunas.

So, what’re benefits of team events again?

😊 The team have smashed the funding target for Martin House.  Overall the day raised £76,000!
😊 We bonded on another level - the can do and goodwill tank is overflowing!
😊 We learnt that Brett Hemingway is a secret pizza aficionado and mean pizza chef
😊We discovered that technique wins out against pure beef in the tug of war - top captaining Piotr Hauslinger
😊 We confirmed what we always suspected - Marc Cheetham is your go to man for provisions!
😊 Families and family values enhance a company culture in the best was possible
😊 Alexa Cobbold Daisy Orrell and Monika Kazlauske are more than dab hands with the old face paint and glitter!
😊 Oliver Street is a machine when it comes to getting stuff done
😊 Laura Cousins is a rock that every organisation needs.

Just so many people were grateful for having as part of the team.

A BIG thank you to all those who sponsored the team - we’ll be making personal calls to 🙏🏼 you soon.